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Fixing Roof Leaks Before They Cause Damage

By Ronnie Suarez | December 22, 2015

In many situations, preventing problems by taking steps early on to minimize damage is easier (and less costly) than waiting for a problem to occur and trying to fix it. The same is true for your roofing in San Antonio, TX, and it’s important that you find leaks early so they can be repaired before […]

Benefits of Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractors

By Ronnie Suarez | December 8, 2015

When you hire a roofing contractor—whether it’s for basic repairs, a full replacement roofing project, or to fix your vents and insulation in the attic—the first thing you want to do is make sure they are qualified to do the job you are hiring them to do. While it’s always important to look for things […]

How Long Will Metal Roofing Last?

By Ronnie Suarez | November 24, 2015

One of the first questions that many homeowners ask when it comes to deciding on which roofing material to choose for their home is “how long will it last?” The answer depends on the type of roofing in San Antonio, Texas, as well as many other factors that can come into play, ranging from about […]

Key Repairs to Extend Your Roof Life

By Ronnie Suarez | November 5, 2015

Do you want your roof to last as long as possible before you need to replace it? Unless you are crazy, or you love spending money on roof repairs and replacement, the answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. The great news is that it’s not an impossible thing to request—getting a long-lasting roof is […]

3 Reasons Licensing and Certifications Matter for Your Roofer

By Ronnie Suarez | October 27, 2015

Would you ever consider getting open-heart surgery from someone who had not been trained as a medical provider? For most people the answer to this question is absolutely, without question “no.” While roof repairs on your Shavano Park, TX home might not rise to the level of open-heart surgery, the same concept applies when you […]

Answering Common Question About Slate Roofing

By Ronnie Suarez | October 9, 2015

How much do you know about the roofing materials protecting your home? Unless you are a roofing contractor, chances are the answer to that question is “very little.” Unfortunately that means you may not be aware of all the benefits that roofing materials like slate can provide. Most homeowners are familiar with asphalt roof shingles […]

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