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Author: Ronnie Suarez

What GAF Master Elite Certification Means to You as a Homeowner

If you see a roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX that is “GAF Master Elite Certified” you may not know exactly what that means, and why it is important to you as a homeowner. This designation is a certification from GAF, one of the leading roofing materials manufacturer in the U.S., and only the top […]

Discovering a Roof Leak From Inside Your Home

You probably don’t want to discover that your roof is leaking, but the reality is that no roof can last forever and over time your San Antonio roof is at risk of developing a leak. Unfortunately most homeowners don’t spend much time on top of their roof inspecting it closely, perhaps because they don’t have […]

Which GAF Shingles Are Your Best Choice?

GAF is one of the premier roofing material manufacturers in the U.S., and has been proudly making roofing shingles for several decades right here in America. There are several different types of San Antonio, TX roofing available from GAF, and the one you choose depends on your needs as a homeowner, as well as your […]

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Why a Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan is Critical for Your Business

The roof above your business often has many of the same needs as your residential roofing, and just like you should be hiring a San Antonio, TX roofer to come and inspect your home roof frequently, your commercial building should have a regular maintenance program in place to inspect and perform repairs, prolonging the useful […]

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