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How to Spot Damage to Your Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular choices for homeowners when it comes to roofing because they offer great protection, long-lasting durability for decades, and come at an affordable price. In order to get the best value out of your asphalt shingles, though, you need to learn how to spot potential damage so you can get it fixed right away by a New Braunfels roofing contractor. Leaving damage for an extended period of time will often lead to deterioration of your shingles and you’ll have to replace that roof a lot sooner than you might like.

Excessive Granule Loss

Even without getting up on the roof to check things out, you might be able to spot roof damage by looking at the walkways and gutters around your home. If you spot a huge collection of granules—the tiny pieces of material that fall off of your shingles—it could indicate a problem. Most asphalt shingles will shed granules slowly over time, but seeing a large pile of granules or noticing a buildup in your gutters could signal a problem that requires the help of a New Braunfels roofing company.

Hail Damage

Hail damage often looks like a small dark spot, often called a “bruise” on your shingles. When there is a hailstorm large enough to cause this type of damage, chances are you won’t find just a single shingle that is damage, but in fact will find several spots where you can see this type of a problem. It’s important to document this damage as best you can with a camera (and video if possible) immediately following the storm so you can submit an insurance claim to help pay for the repairs.

Missing Shingles

When shingles blow off in high winds, or turn up missing after a significant storm, it’s critical that you replace them right away. The longer your New Braunfels roof goes with missing shingles, the more likely you will find leaks and other problems like mold or mildew growth in your attic. You might be able to spot the area where the roofing shingles are missing just by looking at the roof, or you may catch it when you find the remnants of shingles blowing around in your yard. Either way, call a owens corning roofing contractors right away to come and repair it.

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