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3 Key Roof Repairs to Make this Spring

Instead of April showers bringing May flowers, in Texas it’s April severe weather and storms that bring the need for roof repair in San Antonio TX. As the weather begins to warm up, homeowners in Canyon Lake, TX will often see more damages from things like hail, wind, and rain before the dry months of summer arrive. When these severe weather patterns cause damage to the roofing, it’s important that you make some basic repairs to protect your roof from further damage.

 1: Clean Up Debris

Tornado and hurricane weather brings high winds, which often means flying debris through communities in and around San Antonio. After the next storm blows through, it’s important to get up on your Canyon Lake roofing and check for debris that might have lodged there. Cleaning it up now, and inspecting the area where you found the debris, can help prevent small roof leaks from forming when your shingles are exposed to debris that sits on the roof.

2: Fix Missing or Broken Shingles

If weather like wind and hail have caused some of your existing roof shingles to come loose, it’s important to call a Canyon Lake roofing contractor to help you replace them. While some people might consider shingle replacement a “do-it-yourself” type of project, it’s often better to involve the professionals because they have the necessary tools and equipment, plus the training to do it right the first time. They also have safety equipment to protect against the danger of falls when up on the roof.

3: Fix the Flashing

The small metal pieces around chimney and skylights are an essential part of your roofing in Canyon Lake. This flashing is particularly susceptible to damage during hailstorms, or it may also become rusted over time and need replacement. Failing to fix it can lead to leaks that begin around protrusions from your roofing—the most likely place that any roof will start to leak.

As summer weather nears, now is the time to make these critical roof repairs to keep your Canyon Lake, Texas roofing in good condition.

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