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4 Things Your Roofing System Is Trying to Tell You

4 things your roofing system is trying to tell you

While many signs of roof damage are not immediately apparent to the untrained eye, simply knowing what to look for can greatly improve your detective skills. As the area’s premier roofing contractor, we are committed to educating homeowners about signs that mean their roof needs repair. These include:

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1. Water Spots on Your Ceiling

The problem with roof leaks is that the place where the water is entering your home may be yards away from the actual source of the leak. If you see water spots on your ceiling, this is usually a telltale sign that you have a roof leak. We recommend checking the immediate area and bringing your roofer in for a closer look.

2. Granules in the Gutters

If you notice granules in the gutter, this is a red flag. It typically means your roofing shingles are quickly deteriorating or nearing the end of their lifespan. Damaged shingles cannot adequately protect your roof, leaving your home vulnerable to damage. Pay close attention to this as the presence of too many granules means advanced deterioration.

3. Cupped, Distorted, or Warped Shingles

The lack of proper ventilation in attic spaces can also adversely affect your roofing. The resultant heat can bake them and take a toll on their longevity. When shingles start to cup, distort, or warp, pay close attention as your roof is telling you that your attic may not be properly ventilated.

4. Black Stains on your Roof

Black stains on your roof are caused by algae growth. While algae doesn’t pose that much of a threat to your roof’s health, it’s unsightly. Using a power washer to strip them off can inadvertently damage your shingles, so it’s better to let a professional handle the issue.

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