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Discovering a Roof Leak From Inside Your Home

You probably don’t want to discover that your roof is leaking, but the reality is that no roof can last forever and over time your San Antonio roof is at risk of developing a leak. Unfortunately most homeowners don’t spend much time on top of their roof inspecting it closely, perhaps because they don’t have the safety equipment necessary to avoid a fall, but also because they just might not think about it often.

It’s important that you discover roof leaks early so you can repair them right away and avoid the major problems associated with long-term or large leaks. Here are some ways you can spot roof leaks from inside the home so you can call a roof repair company in San Antonio to come and fix it.

Bubbled or Peeling Paint

The walls inside your home might be telling you there is a leak above. If you start to notice that the paint is bubbling or peeling in certain areas, or you see telltale streaks or concentric circles developing on ceilings and walls, it’s time to call for San Antonio roof repair. These are often the result of water dripping directly from the roof onto your ceiling from the attic.

Humidity in the Attic

Texas can be a hot and humid place, but your attic is not where you want that heat and humidity to gather. It’s important to maintain good ventilation in your attic so the air won’t be filled with water and warmth, a combination that provides ideal conditions to wear down your roof support structure, and can contribute to mold and mildew growth in your attic as well. You’ll have to get up in the attic to inspect for humidity levels.

Use a Flashlight During a Rainstorm

If you suspect there might be a leak you can also take a flashlight up to your attic next time it rains. The light will reflect any water leaking in from above so it will be easier to spot. If you do discover that there is a leak, be sure to go and mark the area when you find it so you can easily direct a roof repair company back to the spot later.

Staying on top of roofing maintenance and performing regular inspections (both on your own and with the help of a roofing contractor in San Antonio) can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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