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Home Improvement Projects to Do After a Storm

Home improvement projects to do after a storm

When your home survives inclement weather or hail storm damage, the first thing that runs in your mind is how you can bolster your home’s defenses and improve its beauty. While it may seem daunting just thinking about it, there are actually several easy home improvement projects that can boost home defenses and aesthetics. Integrity Roofing and Siding – top roofing company in San Antonio discusses them here.

Home Improvement Projects

Roof Replacement

Consider replacing your old roofing system with a more durable one. While asphalt shingles do boast respectable physical and elemental resilience, the shingles are susceptible to getting blown away. We suggest switching to physically stronger materials, such as metal and tile. Both have better physical and elemental resilience than asphalt, and better wind resistance to boot.

Install Siding

If you’re still using exterior wall paint, then it’s time to make the switch by installing wall siding. Unlike paint, siding doesn’t require reapplication and gives your home an extra layer of defense against inclement weather and hail. It also acts as an aesthetic piece in its own right and will boost your home’s curb appeal. When you work with our siding installer, we’ll make sure your new siding system is installed properly so that it protects and beautifies your home.

Install Better Windows

If your home’s windows are several years old, now’s a good time to have them replaced. If they survived a storm, doesn’t mean they survived unscathed. Moisture damage, for example, can reduce your windows’ operating life span and leave them in disrepair.

Our Siding San Antonio TX team suggests you get windows replacement after you experience a storm. The sheer force from the winds, coupled with rain water, can negatively affect your window frames. Apart from weakening the structure, a window that’s in disrepair also has poor ventilation and can reduce your indoor comfort levels.

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