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Identifying Storm Damage: A Crucial Skill

Storm damage is a fact of life for Texas homeowners. While you can’t avoid storms, you can certainly learn to spot the signs of storm damage so you can arrange prompt repairs. Here are three things to look for in your roof that may indicate storm damage:


Debris can come crashing into your home during particularly strong storms. These can cause substantial damage to your roof, windows and siding. Hail storm damage, in particular, is a major source of dents. If you notice dents to any part of your exterior, we recommend calling a professional to conduct a thorough inspection and perform any necessary repairs.


Loose granules are another common sign of storm damage to your roof. Check your downspouts and even your surroundings for granules. The presence of granules means that your shingles have taken a beating from strong storms and may need to be repaired.

Missing Shingles

A strong storm can dislodge your shingles or even entire sections of your roof. There’s no other part of your home that suffers as much as your roofing during severe weather conditions. This is why your roof needs your immediate attention in the wake of inclement weather.

While we do recommend conducting a cursory inspection of your roof from the ground after a storm, we do not advise climbing onto your roof to complete a more thorough investigation. Instead, call your trusted roofing contractor.

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