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Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Have you ever wondered why your heating and cooling bills seem to be rising each year, or why there are some areas of your home more comfortable than others? Chances are your existing older windows are contributing to the loss of hot and cold air from inside the house, or have drafts that are causing you to have hot and cold spots inside the house. When that happens, the easiest and most effective thing to do is replace your windows and siding in Boerne, TX. Here are just a few of the ways you can tell it’s time.

New Windows Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the most common reason that homeowners decide to replace their existing windows is for the energy savings. As a general rule, windows are like gaping holes in your home’s insulation, but older windows can be especially harmful because they have drafty window frames and single panes of glass that let in plenty of air from outside. With greater energy efficiency, you won’t need to run the furnace or AC as often, and you will be able to keep your home at a more constant temperature year-round.

New Windows Look Great

Another reason to consider replacing your windows is when your existing windows are—there is really no way to put this delicately—ugly. If the appearance of your windows from either inside or outside your home is dragging down the curb appeal and overall value of the house, think about replacing them. It might be from cracked, peeling paint, foggy window panes, or other aesthetic issues, but no matter the reason, replacing them can instantly transform the look of the house.

Get an Energy Audit Today

Perhaps the best way to determine whether you should be getting new windows is through the objective study of your home via an energy audit. You can find a certified building energy auditor to review your existing energy usage and tell you how much you could save with various projects, such as window replacement in Boerne, TX.

If you are planning to get new windows, make sure you’re working with a reputable contractor that will provide quality work and a fair price on your new windows, and get them installed as quickly and efficiently as possible. To find out more, contact a window replacement contractor in Boerne.

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