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Roofing Basics: Which Material Is Right for Your Home?

If you’re planning to invest in a roofing in Boerne, TX, be sure to choose a high-quality material for your new system. Your roofing materials will determine your system’s longevity and performance. A wide variety of options are available on today’s market, but only a handful of them stand out. Here, Integrity Roofing, Windows, and Siding, your premier roofing contractor, discusses the features and benefits of the best roofing materials.

1. Asphalt Shingles

Millions of homes across the country are built with asphalt shingles, and with good reason. Asphalt shingles are lightweight and easy to install, and they don’t require an additional support structure to hold their weight, making the ma cost-efficient option. Most of the top roofers, like Integrity Roofing, are comfortable working with shingles so you’ll also benefit from a faster and smoother installation.

As a Master Elite™ roofing contractor in New Braunfels, TX, we carry only the highest-quality shingles from the largest industry brand in North America, GAF®. Available in standard three-tab, best-selling Timberline®, and premium Designer series, our shingles will boost your home’s look with their range of colors, thicknesses, and textures. They also ensure superior weather protection and performance with their Advanced Protection® Technology.

2. Metal

This option is quickly becoming a favorite for Texas homeowners, since metal is the perfect material to combat the region’s harsh weather conditions. Metal’s inherent reflective properties reduce solar heat transfer in your home, keeping your interior cooler and more comfortable while reducing your energy bills. Additionally, metal is lightweight, and its smooth surface sheds rainwater easily. With proper installation by Integrity Roofing, your metal system can easily last up to 50 years.

3. Tile

Tile is another dominant choice for roofing in San Antonio, TX. Its timeless look adds instant elegance to your home, and its superior durability keeps your living space dry and damage-free. Tile roofing has one of the longest life spans of all roofing materials. Its design lets air flow naturally between your home and the system, which improvise air circulation and energy efficiency, keeping your home more comfortable without relying too much on your cooling system.

Integrity Roofing, Windows, and Siding specializes in all the top roofing materials. When you turn to us for your roof replacement, expect only high-quality materials from the leading manufacturers and superior workmanship from our professional crew. Whether you need tile, shingles, or metal for your replacement system, we’ve got you covered.

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