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Roofing Materials that Perform Well in Severe Weather

Severe weather is not something you want to plan your life around, but the reality of living and working in Texas is that you might encounter severe weather from time to time. When you are considering what materials you want to install a new roof in San Antonio, TX, you should review how it performs in severe weather and take that into consideration as you compare materials and decide. Here are three materials that have been proven to perform well in heavy rains, winds, sleet, hail, and similar materials.


There has been a rapid increase in the number of people who are choosing metal roofing in the past decade or so, and a lot of the reason for people selecting this material over others is that it can hold up in many weather conditions. It is designed to withstand impact from things like hail, reduce the risk of fire in dry areas that are prone to wildfires, and has high wind and uplift resistance.


Slate is another material that is often used on homes that might experience severe weather, and the primary reasons it performs so well are that it’s durable (as a natural stone material) and extremely heavy. The durability helps it withstand things like rain, hail, and even snow, while the weight of the roofing shingles keeps them from blowing away in high winds.


Tile roofing has long been used in temperate climates (you might conjure up an image of a Spanish mission-style home when you think of these tiles), but it also offers advantages to people who live in areas with more extreme weather. Similar to slate, it is strong and capable of withstanding heavy rains, hail, and other similar wet weather conditions. It is also designed with two layers of protection, with the tile providing the outer shell to shed water and an underlayment of asphalt that helps prevent any water from seeping in underneath. Plus its high air permeability relieves the stress that wind can put on roofing materials to prevent them from blowing off.

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