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Handy Tips on Preparing Your Roof Replacement Budget

Handy Tips on Preparing Your Roof Replacement Budget

Replacing your roof is a big investment, which is why it’s important to come up with a detailed, realistic budget ahead of time that you know you can stick to. In today’s post, Integrity Roofing and Siding, your reliable roofing contractor, shares some tips:

Our Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System®

Integrity Roofing & Siding

Your roofing system is more than just the shingles you see from the ground—it includes many different components that all work together to protect your home from the elements. The Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System® is specially designed to make the benefits of this system easy to recognize, allowing you to make smarter choices […]

Home Improvement Projects to Do After a Storm

Home improvement projects to do after a storm

When your home survives inclement weather or hail storm damage, the first thing that runs in your mind is how you can bolster your home’s defenses and improve its beauty. While it may seem daunting just thinking about it, there are actually several easy home improvement projects that can boost home defenses and aesthetics. Integrity Roofing […]

Should You Make the Switch to Slate Roofing?

Should you make the switch to slate roofing?

If you’re planning to get roof replacement soon, then you know that there are several roofing options to choose from apart from asphalt shingles and tiles. Slate stands out as one of the highest quality and long-lasting roofing options available. Integrity Roofing and Siding discusses why you should make the switch to slate.

Tile Roofing: A Look At Its Many Benefits For Your Home

Tile roofing: a look at its many benefits for your home

As the top roofing contractor in the region, we recommend tile as the optimal roofing material due to its versatility and durability. Tile has both commercial and residential applications and offers an undeniable appeal that no other roofing option can match. Here is a look at the many benefits of tile roofing:

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