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Answering Common Question About Slate Roofing

How much do you know about the roofing materials protecting your home? Unless you are a roofing contractor, chances are the answer to that question is “very little.” Unfortunately that means you may not be aware of all the benefits that roofing materials like slate can provide.

Most homeowners are familiar with asphalt roof shingles because they are the most commonly used of all materials, but that doesn’t mean they are always the best choice. If you have been thinking about getting a different type of roof in Canyon Lake, TX, slate might be a great choice. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about slate roofing.

Q: How long does slate roofing last?

A: Slate roofing is sometimes called a “lifetime” roofing material because it’s designed to last anywhere from 50 to 200 years (soft slate will last 50 to 125 years, while hard slate can last 75 to 200 years). Chances are it’s the last roof in Canyon Lake, TX that you will ever need.

Q: Is all slate roofing the same color?

A: No, in fact, since slate roofing in Canyon Lake, TX is a natural material, no two slate roofs are quite alike. It comes in a variety of colors that range from gray and green to purple, black, or red. The exact hue of your roof will depend on the quarry it came from and the naturally occurring color variations within the stone.

Q: Does slate change color over time?

A: It can, depending on what type of slate you get. “Unfading” slate is designed not to change much from the time it leaves the quarry through its useful life. “Fading” slate, which is sometimes called “weathering” or “semi-weathering” is also an option, and it can fade or change over time—this won’t affect the quality, but it will impact the overall appearance.

Q: Can I walk on a slate roof?

A: It’s not advisable to walk on a slate roof, since the weight of your body could cause cracks and other damage to the roofing material. The best option is to hire a roofing contractor in Canyon Lake, TX to come and make any repairs or get on the roof if needed. Make sure you hire someone that has experience with slate roofing and either knows how to walk on slate roofing without damaging it (although an experienced contractor would do this very infrequently), or has tools like hook ladders that allow them to access the entire roof without stepping on the tiles.

To find out more about slate roofing and get all your questions answered, call an experienced slate roofing contractor in Canyon Lake, TX today.

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