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3 Reasons Licensing and Certifications Matter for Your Roofer

Would you ever consider getting open-heart surgery from someone who had not been trained as a medical provider? For most people the answer to this question is absolutely, without question “no.” While roof repairs on your Shavano Park, TX home might not rise to the level of open-heart surgery, the same concept applies when you are thinking about hiring someone to make repairs or build a new roof—it’s better to hire the people who have the right training and certification. Here’s why roofer licensing and certifications matter.

It’s a Big Investment

The roof on your home is likely one of the most expensive single parts of the house, and if something goes wrong, having it replaced will definitely be a big investment. It makes sense to protect it from needing roof replacement too soon by having a certified and licensed roofer inspect and make small repairs frequently. Some people try to avoid this because of the up-front costs, but it often saves thousands of dollars in the long run by keeping your roof healthy for a longer period of time.

You Get Guaranteed Protection

Properly certified and insured roofing contractors in Shavano Park, TX are going to carry general liability and worker’s compensation policies. That means if anything happens to your property, your neighbor’s property, or the roofers who are working on the job, you won’t be financially liable to pay for it. While the chances of an accident are low if you’re working with a quality contractor, it’s much better not to take a chance at all.

They Are Specially Trained

Certifications from third-party manufacturers and organizations can help showcase a Shavano Park roofing contractor’s skills and capabilities. In many cases these certifications require that a person undergo special training to qualify, and may include things like written tests, an examination of customer complaints, and other measures to ensure only high quality roofers achieve the certification.

It pays to do your homework and hire a local company that has roofers in Shavano Park, TX who are trained, certified, licensed, and insured so you get only quality work at a fair price next time you need roof repairs or roof replacement in San Antonio.

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