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Key Repairs to Extend Your Roof Life

Do you want your roof to last as long as possible before you need to replace it? Unless you are crazy, or you love spending money on roof repairs and replacement, the answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. The great news is that it’s not an impossible thing to request—getting a long-lasting roof is often a matter of taking a few simple steps starting the year you have the roof installed to keep it in good repair over the course of many seasons to come.

Always Know What’s Happening Up There

The only way to truly know what is happening on the roof is to inspect it on a regular basis—that means at least once a year, and twice a year if you can. If the idea of getting on the roof and wandering around to look for potential problems seems scary or like it’s out of the realm of your expertise, the great news is that you can hire roofing contractors in Shavano Park, TX to come and inspect it for you. Your roof doesn’t come with a “check engine” light like your car, so regular inspections are really the only way to know if something is going wrong up there.

Repair Leaks Immediately

If you do see a leak in the roof, make sure you have a contractor come for Shavano Park roof repair right away. Ignoring even minor leaks now could lead to more extensive damage in the long term.

Check and Replace Damaged Shingles or Flashing

Shingles are designed to protect against weather intrusions, so when they are missing or damaged, your roof is at risk of leaks. Flashings are another safety layer, sealing up the areas around protrusions in the roof, such as a chimney, vent, or skylight. Since your roofing in Shavano Park is most likely to leak around these protrusions, you want to make sure flashing is intact and not rusted, dented, or falling off.

Take a Look at the Overall Roof

Beyond just inspecting the little details like shingles, granules, or flashing, it’s a good idea to look at the roof overall. You can often do this yourself from the ground by inspecting the overall condition and appearance, looking for debris that needs to be removed, and making sure the roof is draining properly through clean gutters during or after a storm. You can also look for areas where the roof might be sagging, or where water is pooling or ponding and not draining.

If you commit to do all these things, your Shavano Park roofing should remain in good condition for years to come.

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