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Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Siding

As you do any type of home improvement project, you need to research the materials you want to use. When it comes to siding, there are a lot of options available. Depending on your siding contractors near Boerne, TX, you may be able to use vinyl, fiber cement, aluminum, fiberglass, stucco or wood on your home. To figure out what’s best for you, you may want to look at some pros and cons. Here are common advantages and fiberglass siding reviews.


This particular material is lightweight. Many products are one third the weight of a fiber cement counterpart. The reduced weight could make it easier for your home’s structure to maintain the siding. This low-maintenance, water-resistant material does not have to be painted or caulked, which means you can spend more time on hobbies rather than home projects.

Another big benefit is the versatility. This particular type of siding comes in a wide range of colors. Most products have an acrylic finish that is thicker, and therefore lasts longer, than the paint on other options. Finally, this material is eco-friendly. One of the biggest components of fiberglass is sand, which is a sustainable material.


What cons are associated with this material? While there are some style choices, you may be limited in the thicknesses and finishes you can choose from. The biggest drawback, however, is often associated with the cost. This material is newer and requires much less maintenance, so the cost is much higher than other options. Even if you need a siding repair, the project may be expensive.


As you try to pick out your new siding, you need to get some professional help. Turn to a trusted siding and roofing company in your area. This contractor may be able to tell you more about each material. As you learn about the products, consider what characteristics are important to you and the budget you have.

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