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Why a Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan is Critical for Your Business

The roof above your business often has many of the same needs as your residential roofing, and just like you should be hiring a San Antonio, TX roofer to come and inspect your home roof frequently, your commercial building should have a regular maintenance program in place to inspect and perform repairs, prolonging the useful life of your commercial roofing in San Antonio.

Identify Potential Problems

The first and most important reason to get your roof inspected regularly is to spot problems on your commercial building before they turn into major leaks or cause significant disruption to your ability to do business. These problems might include:

  • Pooling water in some areas on the roofing
  • Bubbling under the roof materials, which could indicate trapped moisture
  • Tears or worn down seams connecting the roofing material
  • Damaged roof flashing

All of these visual clues can be important to help a commercial roofing contractors in San Antonio determine where the problem is and get it fixed right away.

Prevent Roof Leaks

A leaky roof has the potential to significantly impair your ability to get work done. Leaving roof leaks for a prolonged period of time often leads to water damage that goes far beyond just the top of the building, and may eventually become mold and mildew growth inside the building which is difficult to clean, and could be hazardous to yours and your employees’ health.

Checking the Entire Roofing Area

Since many commercial buildings have flat roofs, there are other things besides just the roofing materials that must be checked. Your San Antonio roofer can check the flashing and seals around protrusions like air conditioning units, and inspect lightning protection systems to make sure they are still working as designed. They can also check for leaks around common problem areas, such as skylights and ducts that come from inside the building.

Don’t wait until your roofing is starting to show signs of a problem. Take a proactive approach to your roof health by getting it inspected and repaired on a regular basis.

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