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3 Questions to Ask Before You Get a New Commercial Roof

Getting a commercial roof poses different challenges than a residential roof. This means the questions you ask your top roofers in San Antonio, TX, should be different than what you ask your residential roofer. To help alleviate any potential concerns, ask these questions before you get a new commercial roof.

  1. What options are there for stopping these leaks: Replacing a commercial roof system can get expensive, so you should be sure you understand all of your options before you start the work. Is replacement or repair a better option for you? You likely will not know until you talk with your San Antonio roofing contractors. Asking this question may also help you weigh the cost differences between repairing and replacing.
  2. What caused my roof to fail: Commercial roofing contractors San Antonio tends to have a lot of protrusions, such as equipment, pipes and vents. Were one of these protrusions the weakness? You need to know what caused the roof to fail, so you can make adjustments with your new design. It might not be feasible to move pipes around, but perhaps you can pick a different kind of commercial roof to help extend the life of your project.
  3. What type of materials do you offer: There are a lot of materials available for commercial roofing in San Antonio, such as metal, built-up roof membranes and single-ply membranes. Not all contractors are going to offer the type of roof you want. You need to ask this question and learn about the roofing options to ensure you pick the material that best suits your building’s needs.

You need to become completely familiar with your roofing options, so you can be sure you are making the right choices. Talk with your commercial roofers in San Antonio, TX, about your concerns. If you do not already have specialists in commercial roofing, you should hire a team as soon as possible.

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