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5 Benefits of SureNail Technology

Owens Corning Roofing System is a building products supplier and developer. Many of their products incorporate innovative technologies. Their shingles are no different. Owens Corning designed a woven fabric strip into the asphalt shingle as a strong, reinforced place to put your nail. This patented strip is known as SureNail Technology. Many roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX, turn to these products because of the numerous benefits they offer.

  1. Wind Resistance: Your typical asphalt shingle can withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour. Because of the SureNail Technology, these shingles can withstand winds up to 130 mph.
  2. Easy Installation: Without the strip, nails may shoot right through the shingles. The strip adds reinforcement to stop this from happening and makes it easier to get the nail in the right spot more often.
  3. Cleaner Look: When your shingles lay flat after installation, it not only makes your roof look better, but it can help increase the life of the shingles. This means you will have less need for new San Antonio roof materials in the future.
  4. Fewer Nails: With the strip, you need fewer nails to properly hold down the shingles. This can mean fewer deck penetrations and higher water resistance.
  5. Better Protection: The fabric overlay of the SureNail strip means there is even more holding power and protection than with just the laminate layers. Roofers in San Antonio typically get fewer call backs after installing a shingle with this technology.

If you’re redoing your roof, you likely want to pick out products that have lasting power. With the Owens Corning SureNail Technology, you can trust these shingles to last longer and look good. Talk with roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX, to learn more about this innovative technology. These roofing companies San Antonio experts will be able to go over the pros and cons, so you can choose the material that is right for you.

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